Development Focused


Development Focused on Logistics Properties

Based on our experience and expertise underpinned by countless development projects and property management contracts, we offer development services focused on logistics properties. We fully leverage our expansive property information network as well as planning and leasing capabilities to meet the needs of any client.

CRE’s Planning according to tenant’s view

Our planning focuses on designs considerate of location and area as well as operational requirements, such as track lines, forklift paths and improved workflow efficiency for storage and shipping/receiving. As client needs become more diverse with each passing day, we deliver facilities that are versatile and accommodate various warehouse operations flexibly and ensure facility plans are as simple and competitive as possible.

Providing One-stop Support Services

CRE offers in house professional team that supports clients every step of the way, from site selection to development and post-completion property management and operations, including market research, planning, leasing, construction management and property management. All are done by our in house professionals therefore it ensures we can deliver truly one-stop support services.

Proposals for Development Project Solutions

Tenants (Logistics Companies, Warehouse Companies, Owner of goods)

We develop custom-built, dedicated logistics facilities. Logistics facilities developed by CRE are fully leasable when completed and focus on client needs, beginning with site selection and extending to planning, facility specifications and leasing conditions. Post completion, Property Management service can manage and operate the building on behalf of the client.

Property Owners

We provide unique CRE solutions to meet the needs of property owners, including real estate sales, land utilization solutions, and tenancy arrangements.

Property owners
  • Long-term strategic logistics site
  • Dedicated center for specific owner of goods (including consigner's competition proposals)
  • Relocation for consolidation of sites,increased floor area, or decreased floor area
  • Short-term spot leasing
  • Real estate sales
  • Build on land and lease new building
  • Land leases
  • Tenant sourcing for real estate
  • Development of logistics facility on owned land
  • Proposal of custom-developed logistics facilities
  • Introduction of other leasable properties
  • Introduction of property owner build-lease projects
  • Purchase of land or existing logistics facilities by CRE
  • Proposal of land utilization solutions (including tenant leasing)