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Leasing - CRE Warehouse Development

CRE offers a wide range

of leasing solutions

Properties managed by CRE have sustained high occupancy rates.

CRE offers a wide range of leasing solutions for logistics properties outside of its own managed properties.

Capitalizing on our industry leading network of real estate information, our team of highly experienced professionals with access to a wealth of tenant and property information continually deliver accurate property information tailored to client needs, giving us the confidence that we can deliver unrivaled leasing services.

We contribute to the development of logistics property owners and the logistics industry through our close relationships with tenants.

It is no easy task to continually obtain new information and ensure a high occupancy rate (contract rate) is sustained. CRE aspires to always offer a cyclical leasing system. We view tenant occupancy as the beginning and not the end. Our real estate management and development divisions maintain close ties to ensure customers have access to ongoing support. We aim to use our strong relationships with clients to find the next tenant and leasing solution.

Through our many years as a logistics property manager, we have built close-knit relationships with tenants and recognize their many needs, including new entry and facility mergers and splits. This ensures we can deliver a full range of tenant services on behalf of logistics property owners.