Master Leasing That Enhances Land and Building Value

CRE offers master leasing for commercial real estate with a focus on logistics facilities (warehouses) and commercial facilities. Master leasing is where CRE leases commercial properties from the land and/or building owner and provides lease guarantee and administration services. We exert our best efforts to increase asset values and maximize our clients’ utilization of their real estate holdings.

CRE’s Master Leasing System: Highly Reliable and Safe

Real estate involves a number of uncertain elements, such as the risk of vacancies, issues in returning leased properties to their original condition, and delinquent lease payments, among others. As a result, CRE provides property owners with a full range of support to ensure total satisfaction and peace of mind.

CRE’s master leasing makes it possible to a gain stable, long-term revenue stream regardless of tenancy. We respond to any issues as they arise, whether it is an eviction or delinquent lease payment. We also provide detailed advice at the time a tenant vacates a property so that important facilities can be utilized for longer periods of time in order to maintain the building’s value. Our full range of support services has earned us a strong reputation from property owners.