We deliver services tailored to each individual property as an established property management firm focused on commercial real estate.

In the growing investment property market, CRE offers commercial real estate management and administration services with a focus on logistics facilities. We propose concrete solutions regarding exactly the benefits that property management offers to each client.

We value the needs of each client and provide a full range of support for the management of real estate entrusted to us.

We deliver various services to suit any need based on our long standing and wealth of expertise in the field, which contribute directly to increased asset values.

Planning and administrative operations

  • (1) Creation of management plan
  • (2) Creation of budget proposal
  • (3) Creation of repair plan
  • (4) Selection and management of outsourcing partners

Tenant management

    (1)Tenant services

  • ・Lease payment invoicing and reminders・Response to complaints・Renewals and terminations・Analysis of sales, client traffic and building utilization・Management of tenant organizations・Sales commission management・Creation of building rules・Management of design changes, etc.

    (2)Tenant sourcing

  • ・Creation of terms and conditions for tenants・Tenant sourcing activities

Support services

  • (1)Setup
  • ・Creation of monthly reports・Creation of market reports・Creation of annual reports
  • (2)Report preparation work
  • (3)Sales support
  • (4)Public relations