Supporting the utilization of real estate in myriad ways

Realizing robust business management through maximum utilization of land

We carefully evaluate and analyze the location, future potential earnings and business period based on the purpose of the property. Ultimately, we propose client-centric solutions in an optimized land utilization plan to ensure the client’s asset is safeguarded and can continually be harnessed to produce earnings.

CRE accepts various other consultations about real estate as well.

We can assist clients looking to sell land and/or buildings of logistic facilities, whether it be to liquidate high-cost, unutilized properties, raise money.

Creating reliable real estate properties with our wealth of expertise and long-standing experience

The value of a property can vary greatly based on the value added to not only the land but the building as well. For example, this includes the construction of a new building on land or repair work performed on an existing building.

By fully understanding the needs of tenants, we are able to design functional and comfortable work spaces and create stores that blend in with the surrounding environment. We provide comfortable and vibrant spaces for workers and visitors alike through the construction of order-made properties and repair/renovation of existing buildings that are highly cost effective. The basis for this is our long-standing track record and wealth of expertise coupled with our technologies. Our goal is to develop real estate that can contribute to the development of more appealing communities.